The Book

The Book: Adulting Made Easy(er): Navigating from Campus to Career

The path from graduation to a fulfilling career is an adventure—but it can also be confusing and at times, overwhelming.

Barbara and her co-authors bring their considerable and varied experience together to create a unique and comprehensive roadmap that includes:

  • Conducting healthy family dialogues about educational and career paths
  • Identifying strengths and interests through self -assessments and other tools
  • Assembling a professional network
  • Leveraging online and offline resources to conduct job searches and make informed choices
  • Demystifying personal branding, networking, interviewing and salary negotiations
  • Examining non-tradtional career paths

Written for Gen Y, Gen Z, and their parents, Adulting Made Easy(er) helps readers enjoy the journey and make informed choices along the way. 

“It would be impossible to overstate the importance of this book. Customized for generations Y and Z, it should be given to every young person launching into adulthood. It’s a fantastic resource and serves as a GPS for navigating a successful future from campus to career. As a bonus, this book provides real-world advice for parents to initiate career dialogue for children at any age.”

Roz Usheroff, Leadership Brand Specialist, The Usheroff Institute, Inc.

“Compelling, credible, well-thought career counsel. Barbara, Kim and Gerry provide unique first-hand perspectives from decades of experience, backed by relevant research. A must-read for graduates and their “team”, now and throughout your career!”

Chris Kearney, Tatum, Managing Partner, Central Region

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